Biofeedback Therapy

Helpful for general stress and pain management.  

Helpful as an alternative  health treatment for several mental health concerns when a person can't or doesn't want to take medication.
 People diagnosed with concentration/attention, memory, sleeping, anxiety, depression and pain problems( for example, headaches) have benefitted from Biofeedback.
With the help of Biofeedback Therapy, a person becmes more aware of body states and gains increased ability to modify body states. Electronic sensors provide a person with precise information about his/her body state. A stressed person, for example,  will have tighter muscles (EMG), colder hands and feet (TEMP), sweatier hands (SCL), a faster heartback, a distinct pattern of breathing (BREATH) and faster brain-waves  and increased activity in the front part of the brain (EEG & HEG). These physiological variables can be modified when feedback is given to the person with the help of the electronic sensors and computer displays.

Biofeedback modalities available in the office:
BREATH--learn to breathe in a more relaxed way.

EEG--learn to change your brain via brainwaves.

HEG --learn to change  your brain via heat energy.

EMG--learn to relax your skeletal muscles (muscle attached to bones).

TEMP--learn to relax your smooth muscles (muscle of blood vessals)

SCL--learn to change glandular activity in skin that controls sweating.

HEART RATE--learn to regulate aspects of heart beat .

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